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First of all, thank you for showing an interest in contributing to our blog. We believe ‘sharing’ is a big part of building a community – and we welcome it.

Please review the following points. If, after doing so, you feel your work is a good fit for us, please send us an email in the stated format. We will respond to you in 2 to 3 days.

Note: If you don’t hear back from us within 4 days, that means we might have found your pitch irrelevant or not according to our guidelines.

Topics that are a big YES!

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (On-Page, Off-Page, Technical SEO, Local SEO, Mobile SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, etc.)
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Tips, Tricks and Hacks
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Analytics

And any other relevant topics you can come up with.

Topics that are a big NO!

  • Any e-commerce related topics
  • Any topic which has already been covered on our blog

Your topic has been selected. What next?

Before you start scribbling, go through the below-mentioned instructions carefully.

General instructions

  • The piece should consist of 1000 or more words
  • Mention focus keyword along with meta title and description at the end
  • The article must be well- researched and not paraphrased
  • Write in American English
  • Keep all the paragraphs short – 4 sentences at the maximum
  • Keep the tone conversational – more of ‘I’ and ‘you’
  • Use bucket brigades – they ensure that the piece is easy-to-scan
  • Avoid using jargon
  • Break the points into subheadings and bullet points
  • Add visuals – graphs, images, screenshots, videos etc
  • Use data to validate your content
  • Ensure the statistics included are not older than 3 years


  • The headline and subheadings should be in bold.
  • Keep the font type and size consistent throughout the piece.
  • All links to external resources must be relevant and not just your promotional links.
  • We allow only one permanent do-follow link in the article.


We love visuals and examples! Hence, your piece must include visuals and examples

  • Visuals must be relevant to the point being covered
  • Visuals must be explained – we don’t wish to leave our readers confused.
  • If you wish to include a video, provide us with its ‘embed’ link
  • All visuals must be of high quality – 830 × 460
  • All visuals must be sent to us in a ZIP file along with the piece


Before submitting your piece, run it for:

  • Grammar
  • Readability
  • Plagiarism

We can reject your article if :

  • If you are approaching only for backlinks
  • If the topic or summary is too common
  • It’s a paraphrased version of some other article
  • It’s not as per our standard after the second revision.
  • You send the summary or article after the deadline

We reserve the right to:

  • Remove links that we find to be promotional
  • Make edits for better readability

Please ensure that your piece is original and not published anywhere.

We dislike repetition.

Our readers are constantly looking for something new. Hence, your idea and content must be unique – one that we haven’t covered already.

You’re all set.

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