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PPC Audit

A PPC audit is a way of evaluating the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. This includes reviewing how profitable it is, how much money was spent on it, and how much money it generated.

A PPC audit is done to understand what worked and what didn’t within your paid advertising campaign.

Turning PPC into a Profit Center

If your PPC campaign is not meeting the objectives, you might be handling it by yourself or you are using an external provider. To fix your campaign, you might need to work with a provider or manage it more effectively.

Our team of qualified PPC marketers have the knowledge you need to reach your business goals.

We know how to advertise on Google and other search engines and we know how to advertise using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Whether it’s a start-up or a large corporation, we’ve got the expertise to carry out your campaign across all channels.

PPC Audits aren’t a quick fix. Audits can be a time-consuming task, but they’re essential to ensuring quality from the start.
72% of businesses who do a PPC audit with us report an increase in ROI, with most seeing increases of over 30%.

Audits help weed out ineffective keywords and ads for a more focused approach to Quality Score. Auditing will ensure better results from the start.

We use a proprietary process to evaluate your Google PPC campaign.

Understanding Business And Strategy

Account Structure Analysis

Campaign Analysis

Checking Conversion And Goal Setup

Quality Score Rating

Remarketing Analysis


What is a PPC audit?

PPC audit is a way to assess the performance, cost and return of your ad campaign, ad group and individual ads. It will help you understand how your paid advertising strategy is doing and where you can improve.

Why should I conduct a PPC audit?
  •  You’ll see how your strategy performs over time
  •  You’ll discover performance issues
  • You’ll see how you stack up to your competition
  • You’ll discover where you can improve your campaign
  • You’ll learn about your audience